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About Us

Crossbow Solutions, Inc. was established in 1990 to provide companies with a resource grounded in the needs and realities of the technical complex selling environment.  With over three decades of experience in sales, marketing, and strategy for Fortune 500 companies that include Xerox, Oracle, Toshiba, HP, and UnitedHealthcare, Cyndi Bridges Mosk founded Crossbow Solutions to help technology companies capitalize on their innovations.  Today, Crossbow provides services to companies globally.

Insightful …experienced …enthusiastic …passionate

…objective …entertaining …knowledgeable …concise

…factual …reliable …flexible …nimble

…prepared …diligent


These are a few words customers have used to describe the characteristics of the Crossbow Team.  Time and time again,we hear our most cherished compliment:

“You know our company as well, if not better,

than we know ourselves.”

We do our homework.  We study your business, your industry, your products, your competitors, your organization. We collaborate with you to assess your sales strategy, processes, leadership, skills, and collateral.  We provide feedback, recommend change when appropriate and implement solutions that facilitate your company’s competitive advantage.   Our passion is to instill confidence in your sales personnel that allows each contributor and leader to:

achieve all they can be -

and to be the best they can be.